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PBM-A Polarizing Microscope

PBM-A can observe mineral crystal figure, color and interference color and also identify its optical performance.

It is a good microscope used in geology, petroleum, coal, Chemical fiber, medical treatment and physical inspection. It is also widely used in academic demonstration and research.


Specification (PBM-A)





viewing head Monocular head at 45º,360º rotatable yes
Compensation free binocular head at 30º,360º rotatable option
Eyepiece Eyepiece wf10xwith scale of crosshair and 0.1mm yes
Nosepiece backward quadruple nosepiece yes
Objective Strain free achromatic objective 4x、10x、40x、60x yes
Analyzer Rotatable analyzer with graduation 0º-90º yes
Bertrand lens Bertrand lens, sliding in/out of optical path yes
Optical compensator λSlip (first class red)1/4λSlip quartz wedge yes
Revolving round stage Diameter 145mm,360º rotatable and graduated in1º lncrements, minimum resolution6,, when using vernier scale, center adjustable, yes
Condenser Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm&filter yes
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, range 28mm,fine division 0.002 yes
polarizer sliding in/out of optical path ,located on the top of collector yes
illumination 220v or 110v/6v20w halogen lamp, brightness adjustable yes