PBM-P1: Binocular Head

PBM-P2: Trinocular Head










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PBM-P1 & PBM-P2 Polarizing Microscope

The excellent optics systems and dependable manipulation systems to be incorporated into Series Clinical polarizing Biological Microscope, which making clear image and handy operate. It¨s widely used in analyzing and appraising the various mineral samples.




Part Specification PBM-P1 PBM-P2
Eyepiece PL10X22mm flat-field, with eye-protector yes yes
PL10X22mm plan eyepiece with reticle yes yes
PL10X22mm plan eyepiece with reseau    
PL15X16mm plan eyepiece    
Nosepiece completed with infinity plan destressing objective 4〜S yes yes
10〜S yes yes
40〜S yes yes
60〜S yes yes
Head Gemel type of binocular head,30< inclined yes  
Gemel type of trinocular head, 30< inclined   yes
30<~60< high efficiency binocular eyepiece    
Midist head Build-in analyzer and Bretrand lens yes yes
Compensator λ plate (f18mm, first-order red, light path aberration: 551nm) yes yes
λ /4 plate (f18mm, light path aberration: 147.3nm) yes yes
Quartzose chock (12〜28mm, I!IV) yes yes
Nosepiece: Quadruple nosepiece yes yes
Quintuple nosepiece    
Body Coaxial focus system with Coarse and fine adjustment yes yes
Rotatable circular worktable 360< rotatable circular worktable, A dose value of mark 1, A dose value of vernier 6' yes yes
Slice Plugtype yes yes
Floating ruler Floating range: 40〜30mm    
Condenser NA1.2/0.22 swing type achromatic condenser yes yes
Polarizer 360<rotatable Vibration Can shift out the optical way yes yes
Micrometer ruler 0.01mm yes yes
Color filter Yellow color filter    
Green color filter    
Blue color filter yes yes
Neutral color filter    
Camera setting Camera connector (with PK joint)    
3.2〜camera eyepiece    
Video camera setting 0.5〜video camera eyepiece (with C joint)    
0.35〜video camera eyepiece (with C joint)    
Objective center adjusting wrench 1.5mm yes yes
Illumination 90V~240V fluctuate of voltage 6V/30W halogen bulb, adjustment of brightness. yes yes