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Industry Video Microscope

Model: SZM45-IM2





Parts Standard SZM45-IM2
Viewing Head Tinocular head of articulated type yes
Zoom body 0.7X~4.5X zoom range yes
Eyepiece WF10X-18mm with eyepiece cover yes
Objective 1X yes
CCD Eyepiece 0.5X yes
AM35 Camera AV Output yes
8"LCD display screen AV input/ VGA input, with cross, multi-language yes
illumination LED ring lamp, adjustable brightness yes
LCD display screen stand 360< adjustable yes
Mobile stage Stage size: 135X175mm for option
Stander Base size: (L)325 x (W)265 x (H)290 yes
Mounting holes size for focus arm: Φ45/Φ49 yes




CCD Eyepiece



0.5X Video Magnification 5.9X-38.1X Visual Magnification 3.5X-22.5X 10X
Field of video (mm) Φ34.3-Φ5.3 Field of visual Φ51.4-Φ8
Work distance (mm) 198
0.75X Video Magnification 8.9X-57.2X Visual Magnification 5.3X-33.8X
Field of video (mm) Φ22.9-Φ3.6 Field of visual Φ34.2-Φ5.3
Work distance (mm) 131
1X Video Magnification 11.9X-76.2X Visual Magnification 7X-45X
Field of video (mm) Φ17.1-Φ2.7 Field of visual Φ25.7-Φ4
Work distance (mm) 96
1.5X Video Magnification 17.8X-114.3X Visual Magnification 10.5X-67.5X
Field of video (mm) Φ11.4-Φ1.8 Field of visual Φ17.1-Φ2.7
Work distance (mm) 63
2X Video Magnification 23.7X-152.4X Visual Magnification 14X-90X
Field of video (mm) Φ8.6-Φ1.3 Field of visual Φ12.9-Φ3
Work distance (mm) 46