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Industry Measuring Microscope

Model: SIM


This kind of industrial measuring microscope supports a wide range of application from industrial measurement such as optics, machinery, electronics, precision measurement of geometric dimension, to shop-floor inspection, dimension and angle measurement of machine parts and tool's aperture, specially measuring form in machine cutter program. It is designed with angle dial, also can measure angle.With special eyepiece, it also can measure screw thread and gear wheel shape.





X&Y table travel (precision measuring table): 50x50mm

Working distance: 67mm

glass stage size: 96x96mm

Maximum distance adjustable:  115mm

Load weight: 5kgs

Illumination: Reflected & transmitted illumination, with green filter, adjustable brightness


Magnification: 30X (150x for option)

Eyepiece: 15X (10x for option)

Objective: 2X (5X, 10X for option)

Eyepiece graduation: 1

Minimum angle reading: 6'

With cross

Measuring Moving Length: 0-25mm (mechanical)

Resolving Power: 0.002mm


Optional parts:

revolving stage diameter:Φ66mm

Eyepiece: 10x

Objective: 5x, 10x

CCD adaptor

with cross,

with display (monitor)

Power supply: AC110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz

Size: 210x333x391mm

Weight: 13.5kgs