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Up-right Metallurgical Microscope

Model: MM59


Metallurgical microscope is widely used for metallurgical, mineral identification and crystal,

integrated circuit examination and research. It is available to be supplied with transmitted illumination,

imaging and viewing system and accessories as a biological microscope for medical institute use.




Specification: No. MM59

Up-right Metallurgical Microscope

  • Viewing Head: Binocular head  

  • Eyepiece: WF10X/18

  • Nosepiece: Quadruple nosepiece

  • Objective: Infinitive Plan Achromatic Objective 4X10X40X、(20X80X for option)

  • Focusing: Coaxial fine and coarse adjustment  

  • Stage: Double Layer Mechanical Stage, Size 150X140mm, movement 75X50mm

  • Illumination: Kohler Illumination, Epi-illuminator with iris aperture diaphragm and iris field diaphragm. 220V or 110V/6V20W Halogen Lamp, Brightness adjustable

  • Filters: Blue, Green, Yellow, Ground Glass


  • Eyepiece WF8X/18 with 0.1mm micrometer and cross hair 

  • Polarization Attachment: for option