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LCD Digital Microscope





∴  The image can be easily viewed by many people on monitor at the same time.

∴  Improve the working condition also can soften the tiredness caused by long time observation.

∴  Intergrated structure, easily operation, small size and can save space.

∴  The magnificatin can be zoomed non-step.

∴  There is "+" for purpose of positioning and measurement.

∴  Easily equipment, it can be work properly by put it on a stable place.


LCD Digital Microscope


Specification and Option:





LCD Digital Microscope

LCD Screen 8" inch yes
10.4" inch  
Reduce lens 0.45X yes
Objective 0.75X~6.0X yes
3-D viewing lens Manual, 360< viewing  
Laser locator Red
CCD Resolution 1/3" 420 line  
1/3" 520 line  
1/3" 580 line yes
Incident light 96T LED ring light