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ST-A Series Stereo Microscope

The Series Microscopes adopt upright binocular head.

Magnification can equip between 5X and 120X for different demand.

This series microscopes have three types:

P (No light stand ) and L (Incident light stand) and 2L (incident and transmitted light stand).


                       ST-A-P                            ST-A-L                               ST-A-2L             


Main Character:

  • Upright binocular head.

  • Slide-in objective.

  • Diopter adjustment of range \ 5mm.

  • The inter-pupillary distance adjustable between 55-75mm.

  • "P" for no light, "L" for top light, "2L" for top and bottom light.

  • Each set in a styrofoam in an inner carton, 6PCs inner a master carton.


Objective optics parameter:

Slide-in objective Magnification Field of view (mm) Working distance (mm)
1X 1X 20 56
2X 2X 10 81
3X 3X 6.7 61
4X 4X 5 58
6X 6X 3.33 66


Specification and Option


Parts Specification ST-A-P ST-A-L ST-A-2L
Eyepiece WF5X/18mm      
WF10X/20mm yes yes yes
Objective 1X/56mm      
2X/81mm yes yes yes
Head Upright head yes yes yes
Stand No light yes    
Top light   yes  
Top/bottom light     yes
Clips   yes yes yes
Bulb 12V/10W tungsten bulb   yes yes
12V/10W halogen bulb      
Plate Ø60mm B/W plate yes yes  
Ø95mm B/W plate     yes
Ø95mm glass plate     yes
Dark field S/ST-DK      
Gem clamp S/ST-GC