BM51 Series Biological Microscope

 Magnification for BM51 Series Biological Microscope can equip between 20X and 1600X for different demand.

It can be used for biological slice observation and experiment of agricultural institutions or middle schools.




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Main Character:

  • Mechanical tube length 160mm.

  • Triple nosepiece.

  • H5X, H10X, H12.5X, H16 for optional.

  • 4X0.10, 10X/0.25, 40XS/0.65, 100XS(oil)/1.25 185mm achromatic objective for optional.

  • The rack stop prevents damage to slides and objectives.

  • Ø50mm plan-concave mirror and attachable light for optional.

  • Standard packing: Each set with a wooden case 4Pcs in a carton.

  • Packing for option: Each set in a foam in a box 4Pcs in a carton.

Specification & Option

Specification Model
Parts Description LA-BM5150 LA-BM5164 LA-BM51125 LA-BM51160
(500X) (640X) (1250X) (1600X)
Huygens eyepiece H5X     yes yes
H10X yes yes yes yes
H12.5X yes   yes  
H15X       yes
H16X   yes    
Wide field eyepiece WF10X/18mm        
WF10X/18mm with pointer        
WF10X/18mm with reticle        
185mm objective 4X/0.10 yes yes    
10X/0.25 yes yes yes yes
40XS/0.65 yes yes yes yes
100XS/1.25(oil)     yes yes
Monocular head   yes yes yes yes
Stand Metal base and stand yes yes yes yes
Nosepiece Tripe nosepiece  yes yes yes yes
Quadruple nosepiece        
Stage 110mm*120mm plain stage  yes yes yes yes
Clips   yes yes    
Moveable specimen holder Black holder      yes yes
Condenser N.A.0.65        
N.A.1.25     yes yes
Diaphragm Disc diaphragm yes yes    
Iris diaphragm     yes yes
Illumination  Ø50mm mirror yes yes yes yes
Attachable light        
Bulb  115V/20W        
Filter  Blue/yellow/green     yes yes